Signal Analysis

Signal Analysis / RF Detection

The ECMS A-1500 is an electronic Countermeasure Signal Analyzer designed for counter surveillance operations and used for electronic counter measures during bug detection sweeps. It’s a counter surveillance system used to detect privacy invasion technology. Manually operated or left in its automatic function mode for unmanned operation over extended periods of time, electronic countermeasures for bug detection and the surveillance transmitter analysis can store all encountered signals in memory for later review, comparison, and reporting. This signal analyzer is light, small and doesn’t include a printer.


How it works
Analyzers search a location for hidden listening devices (bugs and other transmitters) and then locks onto their frequencies, performing 6 tests to confirm the presence of a bug and alerts the user that they are
being monitored. Built-in demodulator and a large screen LCD display are built into the unit for ease of
use when examining search results.

  • Defines distance and location of bugs (as well as suspicious transmissions)
  • Detection of covert wireless TV signals as well as digital signals
  • Bug Detection in real time
  • Evidence can be stored for later retrieval analysis
  • Able to connect to a printer (off site) for reporting
  • Extended frequency range from 100KHz to 3GHz
  • Built in Digital decoder circuitry
  • Portable & Fully automatic PC-based detection
  • Easy to read LCD Spectrum & Display

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