Secure Communications

How do you keep your wireless communications private?
Encryption. Secure Line™ Voice Encryption.

The Encrypted iPhone is the latest in the Secure Line™ series of point to point voice security. Unlike an APP available from consumer iTunes, the phone comes with actual software installed to operate with the iPhone firmware in order to defeat cellular eavesdropping. In addition, the unlock Key constantly changes, making secure communication possible only between two or more same series iPhones.

Created to satisfy the needs of high level users, the encryption uses the strongest standards to protect the user from those who seek to hear what is said in confidence.

These encryption protocols afford you the security needed to defend your information at the highest level. These encryption keys are randomly generated and communication is not able to be made until their point to point electronic hand-shake is completed.

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

Encryption Grade: RSA 1024 Bit
Ciphering Key: Xchange DH 4096
Cipher Size: AES 256
Phone Handset: Apple iPhone
Network: GSM 3G Voice & Data

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