Cell Phone Detection


The Cellular Detector is an efficient hand held Radio Frequency measurement system, used to detect and locate unauthorized cellular phones. They can be active during a phone call or inactive on standby mode. Our Cellular Detectors alert the user of radio frequency traffic in all cell bands within 800-900 MHz and 1700-2000MHz.


The user holds the detector while making a survey of the surrounding radio frequency environment over the air. Once the detector verifies intercepted signals are present, it measures their harmonic levels and correlates their signal strength characteristics with user adjustable sensitivity settings. The detector then confirms accurate signal levels have breached the threshold calibrated by the user and generates an alert composed of the detected frequencies signal strength.

False positives are virtually eliminated thanks to special filters working in conjunction with a high gain antenna which scans wide band and narrow band frequency traffic. The Cellular Detector also employs a ‘Doppler effect’ from the scanning results so should there be any minimal detection of activity and frequency hops to another channel, the alert indicator will still capture attempts to change channels should the target be moving through multiple service provider areas over the air (such as on a train, plane, etc.).

The Cellular Detector was designed to be used for technical countermeasure officers who do not know
the target’s relative location. Use of the detector is simplest when the target is stationary; this global Cellular Detector is able to detect any channel shifting should the target phone move from within the radius of one or multiple cellular ‘zones’.

Detection Features

  • Discovers hidden cellular phones
  • Alert to an unauthorized incoming or outgoing cellular signal
  • Can detect Spy Phones and GSM transmitters
  • Cellular Detection includes alarming alert data in Real Time
  • Cellular activity of for each frequency band is displayed on one Graphic User Interface
  • No start up / warm up time. The Cellular Detector is active once powered on

assembling the cellular detector

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